Engineers are rapidly developing and using new ‘toys’ to make the world a better place. This new wave of exciting technologies is often referred to under the heading ‘Industry 4.0’.

Toys4.0Engineers is a collaborative effort between:

  • Waterford Chamber of Commerce
  • School of Engineering & Architecture of Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Waterford Local Enterprise Office
  • Waterford Chamber Skillnet
  • Cobotics Skillnet
  • IDA South East Regional Office
  • Enterprise Ireland South East Regional Office
  • Metalman Engineering Ltd
  • Senantra Ltd
  • SIMI

Come to the Toys4.0Engineers Conference & Expo to:

  • See and play with the latest innovative engineering technologies that affect all our working and private lives – robotics, transport, energy, health, agriculture, buildings, infrastructure, manufacturing.
  • Do business with technology suppliers (local, national and international) and client organisations in Waterford and the South-East.
  • Discover the wide range of engineering career opportunities – current and future.