The Toys4.0Engineers Expo will run from 9am to 4pm, 11th October, WIT Arena, Waterford.

The Expo will include over 70 displays and live deminars featuring:

Robotics and Automation

Renewables and Sustainable Energy

Electric/Hybrid Cars & Autonomous Vehicles

Future MedTech, Biopharma & Healthcare

Advanced Manufacturing & Precision Engineering

Food, Drink & Smart Agriculture

Digital Construction & Facilities Management

Start Up, Entrepreneurship & Skills

With sub-titles “Technology-Innovation-Recruitment”, the event will combine technical presentations and demonstrations of advanced technologies (Industry 4.0, Sustainable Energy, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing/3D printing, AR, VR, BIM, etc.) with a showcase of stands for companies (multi-national and indigenous).

Exhibition Spaces Available

2 Metre Exhibitor Space

4 Metre Exhibitor Space

6 Metre Exhibitor Space